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My opinion on the story of Dinah shows us that sometimes you have to make your own choices and go out on your own to learn and grow. Although Dinah knew that leaving her home would cause some not so nice opinions towards her, she continued to do what she had her heart set to. Yes, there was a rape that had taken place but the story has a lot more meaning than that as well as a breach of honor when Dinah’s brothers were trying to punish Shechem for what he had done as well as try to fix regain honor for their family.





In my opinion, the story of Dinah is a story about a breach of honor. Although the story begins with a questionable rape, Shechem immediately declares his love for Dinah and wishes to marry her. If Shechem’s only desire were to defile Dinah, why would he agree to such extremes as circumcision just to please her family? Also, although Dinah’s brothers, Simeon and Levi, acted in revenge for their sister, they still brought shame upon their family as their father states in Genesis 34:30 “You have brought trouble on me by making me odious to the inhabitants of the land”. Also Genesis 49:5-7 shows how even years later, Jacob has not forgiven his sons and refuses to give them his blessings.