writing equipment evaluation report?

You are working at an M-Global office in Fullerton and have recently received the good news from upper management that the company will provide each staff with a smart phone for work related communications. Mrs. Chen, your manager, is delighted about this; however, she is aware that with the new gadgets and the number of staff who will be using them, managing and controlling the devices can be problematic. Mrs. Chen asked you to do a thorough investigation on the smart phone and report back to her with your findings in a memo. 

WRITING TASK: Choose a smart phone of your choice and evaluate its suitability for engineering work that you are currently doing. You can choose a brand that you are familiar with. It could be the same brand of smartphone that you are currently using. Your criteria for evaluation must include the following aspects: 

 Physical design 

 Ease of use 

 Quality of the written instructions 

 Ease of maintenance 

 Advance security features 

 Useful features 

 Reputation of the manufacture 

 Length of coverage of warranty 


Currently, AT&T is the service provider for M-Global so make sure that the smart phone you recommend is available in any AT&T stores. 

Format: Your memo should have a typical memo heading like the one above, type your initial next to your name, and do not forget today’s date nor the subject. Use short paragraphs and single-space your text, but double-space between paragraphs. In short, use the same format as this memo. Do not double space your text. 

Hint: Plan your memo; if necessary outline what you will say. Respond to the task fully. Before writing, analyze the context of the assignment by considering what you have learned from chapter 11 of your textbook in the context of technical writing, and answer the following questions: 

 What is the purpose of the document to be written? 

 What result do you hope to achieve by writing it? 

 Who are your readers and what do they want from your document? 


 What method of organization is most useful?