Writing a 4 paper position essay about technology and the internet ?


     I have an essay that needs to be turned in on the 11/25. There are three articles that need to be read before writing the essay. The writer should take the positive side of the argument and support it from the articles. In addition, English is my second language, so the professor is not expecting a high level of writing: therefor, I need a high school level of writing with no super high vocabulary.      

the articls are:

1- Is Google Makeing Us Stooped? by Nicolas Carr

2- Three tweets for the wep. by Tyler Cowen

3- Treading water in a sea of date. by Peter Suderman

All three articles can be found online and in the book (DIALOGUES) THE 7 edition by GARY GOSHGARIAN AND KATHEEN KRUEGER.


I upload the two papers prompt for this essay, please cheak it since it has all the inforamtion on it.