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Discussion 1

Using Mills’ definition, I would say that sociological imagination applies to my life in various ways. For example, I use to live in Bakersfield, California where it was very rare to see people doing outdoor activities like walking, biking and running. As I moved to Santa Monica, I was more exposed to seeing people running and doing activities at the beach. I am now starting to participate in more outdoor activities such as acroyoga and walking around my community for fun, but I haven’t stopped there. With my current habit of taking the bus to school or driving, I have changed my habits to either walking or biking to school. I am hoping that my simple acts of exercise will influence others to do the same and even add daily activities to their lifestyle like going for a ten minute walk.

One point of intersection between my personal biography and a social/historical event was when I had visited the Philippines for the first time. Over the summer, I had visited a place called Bohol, Philippines and I was puzzled as to why there was a lack of hot water and electricity at my hotel. Finally, I had remembered that there was a 7.2 earthquake in Bohol in 2013 which compromised most of their necessities. Remembering that historical event allowed me to become more understanding and considerate for the people of Bohol.