Workplace Case Study Action Plan


Ethics in the Workplace Case Study Action Plan and Presentation  Tylenol – an ethical dilemma in the workplace. Respond to the questions associated with the case.  Determine all the facts: symptoms of problems, root problems, unresolved issues, roles of key players, and ethical issues involved.  Analyze and evaluate alternatives.  Decide on the most valid alternative, and make recommendations. Also prepare a 12-15-slide PowerPoint presentation with presenters’ notes.


1750-2100 word paper




Case study analysis


1). Introduction –


2). Symptoms of problems –
3). Root problems –
4). Unresolved issues –
5). Roles of key players –
6). Isolate problems –
     a). where do problems exist
     b). why
     c). what caused them
7). Evaluation of case –
8). Examine alternatives
     a). pros
     b). cons
     c). are they feasible
      ~ decide on most valid one
9).  Make recommendations
10). Agenda of corrective actions
11). Summary

Power Point; Presenting case.  Need 12-15 slides

1). Intro –
2). Identify key problems and issues –
3). Supporting data- financial, spread sheets –
4). Evaluation –
5). Analysis
6). recommendations and action plans  
7). Conclusion
8). Reference (ALL)


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