womens lit


    • and mechanics.
  • For this assignment, write a 2–3 page paper (500–750 words), describing and evaluating the following:
    • In this unit, you were introduced to the concept of the dystopian point of view. Explain this concept and its influence on Western literature.
    • How and why does much of women’s literature reflect a dystopian view?
    • Explain whether you see this form of literature as typical in any marginalized group. Would you expect the same type of literature to be written by other groups that find themselves devalued?
  • Research and use references from at least three scholarly resources to support your paper. Scholarly resources on this topic are available through the Capella Library, but you may also search other libraries. If you use any other Internet resources, be sure they are from creditable sources.
    Consider the literature you have read in this unit as you prepare your paper. You are encouraged to also consider the optional readings for this unit, to gain better insight into these topics. However, do not use any of the required or optional readings presented in the course to fulfill the minimum of three required resources. You may include course materials as supplemental resources, but you are required to conduct your own independent research and include at least three resources not provided in the course.
    Follow APA formatting guidelines for your paper. Note: In your 50 Essays text, you will find paper-writing advice on pages 1–14.
    Refer to the Women’s Literature and the Dystopian Point of View Scoring Guide to ensure you have met the criteria of this assignment.
    Submit your paper in the assignment area.