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Part 1

  Assessment Design

Assessing student progress and learning is critical in understanding the design of instruction. Using the Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) listed in Chapter Twenty-Eight of your text, provide examples from your teaching or work experience where you have used one of the techniques. What did you learn from the CAT? How was it appropriate for your teaching?

**APA format**

**At least 1 page**

**2 References with one being the text**

Part 2: A paragraph or less answer part 2 question

Favorite Strategies

Hi everyone.  As we begin with this prompt, I’ll start off with a favorite of mine for face-to-face engagements: Think-Pair-Share.  In fact, I use Think-Pair-Share all the time in traditional classes, and it certainly applies as a general element in an online discussion forum because each discussion includes thinking time followed by the opportunity to share ideas on any topics or questions.  I also like the way that so many of these activities allow for multi-level or cross-ability connections among students.

I’m always looking for activities that mix ability levels so more experienced learners can help less experienced ones, plus that engagement helps more experienced learners deepen their understanding. Class: Thinking especially about mixed ability groups, which activities do you like across multiple ability levels, and why?