Week 06 Written Assignment – No Risk Truck Company

In apa format answer each question and then give refrences


Week 6 – Risk Management Technique Selection and Implementation

No Risk Truck Company is a leading manufacturer of heavy and medium duty contractor and construction trucks. The company maintains its headquarters in Mankato, Minnesota and operates manufacturing plants in Kansas City, Kansas; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Charlotte, North Carolina.

The No Risk Truck Company employs 1200 workers and sold 800 trucks in 2004. Currently, No Risk Truck Company offers four quality driven product lines including the H Series, M Series, Contractor Series, and Customized Trucks Line. The company is working very hard to develop new trends with one of the best dealer networks and a great line of products that are built to last.

No Risk Trucks can be found in an extensive dealer network with more than 60 dealer locations in the United States. This dealer network provides parts, service and body shop support for their customers under the No Risk Truck Company Premium Care Parts and Service. To help assist customers, the No Risk Truck Company offers Premium Care Roadside Assistance.

  1. Identify one risk from the No Risk Truck Company that can be primarily managed by each of the following Risk Management Techniques (4 risks total).
    • Risk Avoidance
    • Loss Control
    • Risk Retention
    • Risk Transfer
  2. How could each of the risks you selected in the first question be identified and/or evaluated? What techniques could be used?
  3. What would you need to consider when implementing the risk management techniques for the risks you have chosen?