Visual literacy

Final Project: Using Visuals to Communicate a Message

Assignment Instructions: Visual media can have significant impact on how effectively a message is communicated. Appropriate and strategic visuals can inspire the audience, lend clarity to a message, and, in general, say things that words alone cannot.

For this project, use the concepts you’ve learned in this course to effectively apply visuals to a business-related message. Below, you will find just a few examples of how visuals can be utilized to communicate a message in the business setting. Feel free to choose one of these examples, or select one that is not listed.

Throughout each of the five weeks of this course, you will decide on a message to communicate, determine the most effective platform or medium for that message, and select the most appropriate visuals to support the message. Note that each visual should be referenced.

Then, in week 5, you will finalize your communication piece and submit it along with a 3- to 5-page paper explaining the rationale behind your communication decisions.