Two Questions to anser

Also, Hugo van der goes is not Italian, he is actually a Northern Flemish artist.  His work was one of the few “Northern” paintings that made its way to Italy (due to the shipowner, Portinari).  Your visual analysis on elements of art you mention, “The angels down on the right Is a group of angels magnificently dressed In their cheerful hats with red feathers and golden color cloaks and the magnificent beauty of their wings. Joseph Is represented as an old man, with a beard as painted In the old traditional way of style and texture to the composition. The shepherds are pretty mean looking with their rustic looking faces but their form of kneeling down Is gentle, and behind the three that are In the front shows some signs of movement Involved.” 

Question 1. :  Can you walk us through why discussing colors in a Northern Renaissance work of art reflects the Northern Renaissance? 


Question 2. :  Also, when you mention texture – what textures do you specifically see?  You also mention the “rustic looking faces” – again, in your opinion, how does this reflect, specifically, the Northern Renaissance?