Topic Speech enhancement

Based on the link and the attachment PDF file, write a 10pages essay, the framework of the essay should be like the following :


 Topic  Speech enhancement

① Back ground


③How it works

Characters of speech signal(random, change overtime, unstable)

Ear → machine   Cover effect—how human ear can distinguish speech signal in noisy environment

Interference: (noise stable interference)  –characteristics 

Ways of speech enhancement

  1 Based on time domain

     a.Linear prediction analysis—estimate parameter of model –combining clean speech signal

     b.Only use the parameter of sound 

Wiener filtering —-replenish—-Kalman filtering   eta(t)=s(t)+n(t) (mean-square deviation least ) e(n)=s(n)-s’(n)→E[e2(n)]=E[S-S’2]

Based on all data in the past and the current data by watch—estimate current value


6.Kalman filtering