the sociology of sport P5IP

The Weekly Individual Projects and Your Final Submission in Week Five:The Individual Projects forthis course will build on each other—that is, each week leading to the final submission in Week 5, you will do 1 piece of the project that builds the complete assignment. The topic of your assignment is the sociology of sport. This is a large field within the discipline and one that most people experience in one way or another in their culture.

Week Five Individual Project

Review the suggestions of your instructor and your peers for improving your work. (They suggest a little more history on basketball, and is there any religious issues involved) Then, add a conclusion to your paper of 300–400 words on the following:
  • Reflect on your own experiences (with sports in your own life as a player, fan, or both) and in this assignment.

I played positon of forward on a basketball team at a youth center, I like basketball and baseball to watch. I don’t understand football, but I like it

  • What role does this play in your life?
  • How does your experience connect you to others who are sports fans and participants?

Must be APA format