The problem of homelessness in Los Angeles

Paper 2 should be a minimum of 900 words – approximately three double-spaced pages.  Citations, references, and other material such as tables and graphs do not count as part of the 900 words.

Write about the problem of homelessness in Los Angeles.  You can search for information on Google.  Be sure to reference at least two articles from the Los Angeles Times.  In all, you should have a minimum of 5 references.  You can use APA or MLA for citations.

Here are some questions that you may use to help you write the paper:

·      How many homeless are there in Los Angeles?

·      Who are they e.g., women, children, families, mentally ill?

·      Where are they concentrated in the region?

·      Why are people homeless?  In other words, what are the causes of homelessness? 

·      What are some possible solutions?  What is the City of Los Angeles trying to do about it?