The European Witch Craze write about a myth within Eurpoean Witch Craze , the Gendercide and The European witch craze itself

7 pages double spaced MLA styel. Prof Favilla Hum 204 and student Ryan S Markel


You need to write about a a prominent Myth within the Eurpoean witch craze, why it is important, the gendercide of it and the European witch craze itself. DUE MONDAY at 1600/4pm pacific Standard time.  I have included some of the information I have researched.. The first book itself important THIS HAS TO BE IN CORRECT ENGLISH GRAMMAR and of a American Collegiate level…  I AM TIRED OF POORLY WRITTEN WORK AS FAR AS GRAMMAR IS CONCENERED AND I WILL TURN IT AWAY AND I WILL DISPUTE.. SO DO NOT ACCEPT IF YOUR GRAMMAR IS DIFFERENT THAN THE AMERICAN CULTURE OR A STUDENT OR TUTOR FROM SOME WHERE ELSE THAT WILL NOT HAVE CORRECT GRAMMAR.. THANK YOU  🙂 and plagarism of material provided is not accepted as I have went over this material 🙂 😉  ( the most important book written by H.R, Trevor-Roper ) ( sociological point of view on it … great correaltion for a humanties class on how it affected society and why it was important )  ( good over view from many historians)  ( huge correaltion with genocide and witch hunts today!!! IMPORTANT correaltion material in my mind… and why its important… )  ( great info… and the importance)  (simple powerpoint for some easy info)   ( the witch craze and its witch cult)  ( if your paying attention it is a link from the above article to help correalate )  ( unbelievable article with many more resources that you should use to find more information)  ( simple info sheet with many more chances to sign up for free and go search the tags and information )   ( simple info with more resources to search through.. this is not to be used for the basis’s of info but yet a guideline and double check procedure and links to RESOURCES GALOR)   ( good blog and message board and links to free books..)  ( bill of rights for WITCH’s WOW get this in)  ( search this for further reading and find the freee ebooks)


This needs to be top of the line material and reserach is needed beyond what is posted…