The Communication Plan

Without the ability to hold regular conversations face to face, dexterity in the use of communication tools is critical to success in an online classroom. Several different tools for communication and management of course information were addressed in this week’s material. Review the tools that support opportunities for communication and collaboration (i.e. discussion forums, chats, email, webinars, teleconference tools, etc.). In this activity, you will create a Communication Plan, including a means for live, synchronous communication.  

Imagine you’ve just been placed in charge of a class project but all of your team members are located throughout the country. Your project will be due in two months, and you need to develop a plan/guidelines to make sure there is clear and consistent communication from start to finish. Your plan should also include opportunities for at least one live, synchronous communication event, and should also address the following:

  • The primary communication tools that your team will use and how you will use each tool to support the project.
  • How often you will pull the team together for synchronous meetings either via teleconference or web-based tools (i.e. Google handout, Adobe Connect, WebEx, etc.). What are the expected outcomes for each synchronous meeting?
  • How often you will want your team members to provide you with status updates?
  • How you will assess whether or not your team’s communication is effective and how you will address unanticipated problems?