Technical Communication assignment

Write a 400-500 WORD response to the reading selections. The reading selections are attached on a file.

Be sure to support your position with specific examples and quotes from the text. 

1) How serious does a risk have to be (how many reports of what kinds of harms must a company know about) in order for it to be ethically appropriate to recall a product? Should Dell have recalled four million batteries at the first whiff of smoke? Should Dell have waited longer? How (and when) should Ford have responded to the Pinto’s safety problems? Explain.

2) What are some of the obvious and less obvious ethical issues involved in product recalls? How might these ethical issues come into conflict with a particular company’s economic concerns? Given these issues, did Dell respond adequately to the known problems with their batteries? What explains the difference between Dell’s response in the case of their laptop batteries and Ford’s response in the case of the Pinto?

3) What are the various pros and cons of using cost-benefit analyses as a way of measuring whether safety measures are worthwhile? Can cost-benefits analyses be implemented ethically? Explain.