Team Assignments


This is a team assignment due over a three week peroid, person accepting this assignment will need to take on all three weeks. I will update the person weekly for what part I will be responsible for. and the attached will need to be used the assignments are based on the attach. the first week I’m responsible for the second bullet point. reply with fee for first week 



Due 3/6

Review the Acme Medical Center material.

Create a 1- to 2-page project outline that assigns tasks for the following assignments to each team member:


  • Acme Medical Center WAN Project Part II – creating a model of the existing WAN using Visio®, due in Week Three.
  • Acme Medical Center WAN Project Part III – paper analyzing the WAN and suggested enhancements, due in Week Four.
  • Acme Medical Center WAN Project Part IV – revised model with enhancements included, due in Week Five.


Create a new project model using Visio® for the existing Acme Medical Center WAN.

Name your new model “Team X” and replace the X with your team identifier.

Begin creating your model by creating an empty scenario.

Use the Visio® models from the Acme Medical Center as a basis for your model.

Attach the finalized files to your assignment submission using the Assignment Files tab.


Due 3/20

Write a 3- to 4-page paper based on your analysis of the existing WAN for Acme Medical Center that describes:

  • The existing WAN
  • The weaknesses in the WAN
  • Your proposed upgrade to the WAN


Note. You must do additional research that includes a minimum of two additional sources in addition to use of your texts.