Strategic Planning

Explain what strategic planning for project management is according to Kerzner. Include an explanation of how it relates to the five project management processes prescribed by the PMBOK® Guide.

  1. Initiation – Authorizing the project.
  2. Planning – Defining and refining the objectives (gleaned from the requirements). Select the best of the alternative courses of action to attain the objectives that the project was undertaken to address.
  3. Execution – Coordinating people and other resources to carry out the plan.
  4. Control – Ensuring that project objectives are met by regularly monitoring and measuring progress to identify variances from the plan so that corrective action can be taken when necessary.
  5. Close – Formal acceptance of the project or phase and bringing it to an orderly end.

Then consider one of the case study companies from pages 188–191 of the Kerzner text on strategic planning in action. Explain how this example will help you in your analysis of your project audit.