Statistics Project

The Requirements:

1.     Title page

2.    Table of contents

3.    One page of summary/ abstract

Part I – Introduction

4.    Description of the motivation of the research, that is, why you would be interested in such a subject

5.    Description of the hypothesis, that is, the research questions

Part II – Methods

6.    Identification of the population(s) of interest, for example, groups of employees, types of products or types of firms

Note – your project does not necessarily have to comprise business-related topics. You may very well choose to conduct your research on virtually any area of interest provided of course that you can draw a good hypothesis and find a good sample number!!!!!!!!!

7.    Identification of the element. For example, the unit of analysis – employee, student, firm, etc.

8.    Identification of the variables of interest. (independent and dependent variables).

9.    Description of the sampling plan (the list from which the sample will be drawn) = the simple random sample, systematic; survey type – observation, personal interview, archive data; sample size – should be large enough for statistical inference) and instrument design – question and coding of responses

10.  Description of the statistical procedures. Eg:- paired difference test, multiple regression

Part III – Results

11.   Description of the sample results. For example, descriptive statistics, with appropriate software output

12.  Description of the statistical inference, that is, the estimation or hypothesis testing, with appropriate Datadesk or Excel output



Part IV – Conclusions

13.  Description of the decision/ conclusion. For example, explain how/ why your result improves the practice of management or improves your understanding of some phenomenon of interest to the profession.

14.  Description of the limitations, weaknesses or concerns you have had with your research methodologies and data collected


Part V – References

15.  References (if any)                                                   ( ATTACHED EXAMPLE) 


16.  Printout of data collected from software