Stakeholders and Going Beyond Profit Maximization


Research Paper


Pick a major effort by a major corporation   that is taking place now in a developing country,  and that is meant to “do good”,  and research it thoroughly.  If you can’t find good,  in-depth information,  pick a different effort or corporation.

Identify the important stakeholders in each case, and decide what kinds of stakeholders they are using the terminology  recommended by Phillips, Freeman, and Wicks.

Decide and explain,  on the basis of your research,  whether each corporation’s efforts are “mere” stakeholder management by a corporation that sees its reputation and its stock price/shareholder dividends as the only important stakeholders;  or whether they are trying to use stakeholder management as a way to arrive at ethical decisionmaking in the country you are writing about.  

Then analyze whether/how/the extent to which the effort will contribute to lasting improvement in the country’s Framework (Chapter 2 of WTT).   Be specific.

Your essay should be well researched,  and you should use Chicago Style footnotes. The fact that an essay is short does NOT mean that you only need a few sources. 

Also,  you MUST NOT accept as the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth,  anything that a corporation says about itself on its website.   You may use it as a starting point,  but you need to find other sources as well, that either support the factual accuracy of whatever factual assertions the company makes,  or dispute it.   If you cannot find independent sources  (don’t forget to check newspapers,  US and foreign,  available in our online library;  also the New York Public Library has good online sources),  then be SURE to say something like  “the company says that…..”  so we know you realize that it might not be true.  Corporations do an enormous amount of puffing on their websites….

An optimal length,  not including footnotes,  will be about 800 – 900 words. You may go over that IF you have to in order to answer all the questions asked above,  but then you had better make sure that your editing is tight! Nothing extraneous,  everything organized and in its proper place.

You do NOT,  repeat NOT,  need an introduction or a conclusion of the usual sort.  Just dive right in and do your analyses.