Suppose you are working on a project to develop an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) interface for the Operations Division of an Airline Parts Manufacturing Organization. You have been assigned to assist in planning the project. The ERP interface will enhance the supply chain ordering process for raw materials and parts. For this initiative, your project team will need to complete the following deliverables:

  • a graphical user interface (GUI) that will satisfy the needs of the data entry personnel
  • new GUI data fields with an existing ERP system
  • reports of upper management and order fulfillment resources
  • an online user support manual for the data entry  GUI
  • training of the new interface

Write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you:

  1. Describe the different levels and types of resources required for producing each deliverable described in the assignment summary.
  2. Develop a table of at least five (5) project stakeholders who would need to be considered in a stakeholder analysis. You may list each stakeholder by a fictitious role such as Programmer, System Analyst, Project Manager, etc. 

Note: Document the project stakeholders by using the following table format.

Project Stakeholders




Potential Conflicts














































  1. Explain how the data collected in the Project Stakeholders table could assist the project management team in defining the project scope. 
  2. Identify some of the potential conflicts in this project. Describe how understanding influence and anticipating could help in the planning process.
  3. Develop a Deliverable Definition table that describes each of the deliverables required for the completion of the project.

Note: Document the Deliverable Definition table by using the following table format.

Deliverable Definition


Structure of Deliverable

Standards to Be Used

Authority for Approval

Resources Required to Complete this Project