Social Aspects of Grief and Mourning

 Social Aspects of Grief and Mourning Short Questions

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Assesses the following programmatic competencies:

6.2: Assess the effect worldview, culture, spirituality, and religion have on the grieving process. 6.4: Propose strategies to assist those who are grieving in various life stages and circumstances.

Short Questions

1.                  Discuss two different types of cultural rituals and two types of spiritual or religious viewpoints. How would a mental health professional address these in the grieving process?

2.                  Why is it important to understand cultural rituals and spiritual or religious viewpoints when planning a funeral?

3.                  Identify and discuss how professional ethics are necessary within the end of life decision making process?

4.                  How does the death of child versus the death of an adult impact the grieving process? What types of death may be similar? What types of death may be different?