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Unit 6 Assignment

View an introduction to the Assignment here. Be sure to adjust your audio settings.

Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

  • Effectively communicate epidemiological information to diverse populations.

Course outcome assessed/addressed in this Assignment:

PU520-4: Communicate epidemiologic information to lay and professional audiences.


In this scenario, you have been selected by the CDC to manage their immunization campaign.

  • Prepare by completing the USAID training: Immunization Essentials (2 hours) Upload your completed certificate to the dropbox.
  • Then find and review two YouTube videos on immunizing, one in favor and one opposing, in your presentation, provide the link to each and evaluate it for accuracy and potential impact on the public.
  • Finally, draft two, 30 second Public Service Announcements (PSA) about immunizations, one for Healthcare professionals and one for the public. Present your findings and PSAs in a presentation.


The presentation should be visually appealing and should include the following sections:

  • A cover slide with your name and presentation title (1 slide)
  • An overview of both YouTube videos from a health perspective including accuracy of information and ease of understanding (3–6 slides)
  • One 30 second PSA for the public (1 slide, no speaker notes required)
  • One 30 second PSA for Healthcare Providers (1 slide, no speaker notes required)
  • Reference list
  • Each slide should have a clear title indicating the focus of the slide.
  • Include speaker notes as needed on each slide.