School Scenario

 You must select a different activity from the other members of your group. Post your selection to the Group Discussion Board to ensure that no activities will be duplicated. All the elements listed below the activity option must be completed. Complete the activity based on the philosophy assigned to your group at the beginning of the course. Make sure to include a current APA cover page with your name, the activity number you have chosen, and your assigned philosophy.

Activity Option 2: School Vision Statement

·         Write a paragraph or 2 about the vision/philosophy statement for a school that would completely espouse existentialism. If you are unsure of what a school vision or philosophy statement is like, you may do an online search of “school vision statement.” If you choose to borrow from ideas you find, ensure those ideas convey existentialism and cite your source.

School Scenario Grading Rubric



Points Possible


Instructor’s Comments

All elements of selected option are present.


Assigned theory is consistently applied to selected scenario.


Correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and current APA cover page are correct.