Review the Guest, Bunce, and Johnson article; the Yob and Brewer article; and the Learning Resources related to sampling and saturation (ATTACHED) No plagia

Prepare a critique of the sampling strategy used by Yob and Brewer (n.d.). Include the following your critique:


The purpose of the study


Research questions


Site selection

·         The type of purposeful sampling strategy the researchers applied. from Patton’s Chapter 5 to identify and describe the strategy that you think best fits what they described.) (see attachment for Patton Chapter)

·         An alternative data collection strategy that the researchers could have considered. Explain your choice in terms of how the strategy is consistent with their research purpose and criteria for selecting cases.

·         Provide a data saturation definition and evaluate the work of the researchers in this article regarding their efforts to achieve data saturation. Note what the researchers could have done differently to convince you that the relevant and important themes emerged.