RESEARCH PAPER (cosmetic surgery)


Congratulations. You have reached the final stages of the research process. If you have followed the steps, writing the final paper should be mainly a matter of following your plan and your note cards, then closely editing your draft.


from Writing Research Papers,

Read Chapter 8, pages 148-164, on “Writing the Paper”.


Research Essay –

The research paper is the most important essay for English 102. As we have covered so far, the steps should include:

⋅ Initial research

⋅ Note taking (note cards, etc.)

⋅ Compiling a bibliography

⋅ Outline (brain storm, mind map, plan)

⋅ Rough draft

⋅ Final, edited copy

The final paper should include a synthesis of your research in order to support a thesis statement of your creation. In-text citations, using MLA format, will tell the reader where you found all new material for the essay. A formal outline showing your organization should accompany your paper.

Adequate Resources

The “Works Cited” page should include a number of sources, approximately the same number of sources as you have pages. At least half of these sources should be from periodicals, and they must include many current, up-to-date sources. In addition, they should include some sources which are journals or more serious studies of your topic.

The sources can include, as well as periodicals and books, films, videos, internet information, personal interviews, and other sources.


The length of this paper should be 12-15, keyboarded, double-spaced pages. In addition to the 12-15 page essay, your work should include a title page with your name and the paper’s title, a formal outline reflecting your organization, and a “Works Cited” page using MLA format.

[Note: The title page, the outline, and the “Works Cited” page do not count toward the required 12-15 pages.]

Number pages in the upper right hand corner, and include a header in the upper left hand corner with your last name and at least part of the title of your paper.


The score sheet on the following page will be used to evaluate your essay. Use it as a final check list before turning in your essay. Hand in the score sheet with your essay.

Prepare a visual which represents your research. Use it to present to the seminar a 10-15 minute overview of your most important findings in your research. Also, be prepared to answer questions. We will see examples of visuals and this presentation will be described in more detail by your instructor in seminar.