Request or Proposal to Conduct Research

Write a document requesting permission from the Chairman of your business’s Board of Directors, my company is MIK Guitars, to request permission to so research to see if a franchise is feasible. Please write a 2-3 page document that explains a problem your company is facing, what you believe possible solutions would be, and what benefits will accrue if your solution works. Please give a cost analysis of how much money you will need to do the research (manpower costs, special equipment needed for the project, etc.) and offer a conclusion that supports the need to do the research. 

Please use memo format and then the following headings:


TO/FROM/DATE/SUBJECT (one under the other, with a colon and then the information lined up like the buttons on a shirt)

The Problem (boldfaced type): what your problem is

A paragraph on the problem

The Solution (boldfaced type): What you think might work

A paragraph or two on the solution

Benefit #1(boldfaced type- note: have at least three benefits): what the benefit will be

Cost Analysis (boldfaced type)

CONCLUSION (boldfaced and capitalized)