Reflection on Reading

this homeworks not summarize,its your Reflection on the reading please.

in your words  without any Plagiarism 🙂


please read the out line in the attached to follow instruction to do the reflections on the attachments for cahpters. each chapter need 2 papers reflection with following the out line so totally 4 refluction with 8 pages at least for 4 chapters 7,8,11,12 in the attachment.

please there is no revise for the work . so I need professional work to earn A in the assignment.


Also ther is related assignment will discuss about it


Reflection on Reading :

o Driscoll, Chapter 7 Interactional Theories

of Cognitive Development

o Mayer, Chapter 11 Teaching by fostering

learning strategies

 Reflection on Reading :

o Driscoll, Chapter 8 Biological Bases of

o Mayer, Chapter 12 Teaching by fostering

problem-solving strategies