Read attached biology article and answer questions


Make sure that you read about the different types of stem cells under our previous Coffee Tea time discussion before you move on to this discussion board.  🙂

Now, during this Coffee/Tea time discussion, I would like to continue our discussion of stem cells by looking more closely at the CANCER STEM CELL HYPOTHESIS and what this means for future cancer therapies.

So, first please read the attached article on this topic.

Then, please concentrate on answering one or more of the following questions in your posts:

1. What are cancer stem cells (also called tumor-initiating cells)?

2. Describe and contrast the two tumor development models describe in this article: the traditional stochastic model and the hierarchy/cancer stem cell model.

3. What does the “cancer stem cell hypothesis” mean in terms of cancer treatment? Should traditional cancer therapies be replaced by therapies that specifically target cancer stem cell? Discuss potential ways that cancer stem cells could be targeted in cancer therapies. (You may use either the attached article or your own CREDIBLE sources for this.)