Public Health 300 words APA discussion w 3 references “Is it possible to be a great manager and a great leader at the same time in public health?

Due 8/30/2017 est..300 WORDS

 READING:::::The terms leadership and management have been defined and debated since ancient times. A quick search of quotes on leadership or leadership versus management yields a veritable treasure trove of quotes, from Chinese philosopher and poet Lao Tzu to British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Leadership, on the one hand, is mostly couched in terms of vision—as Buckingham and Coffman noted, a looking outward. A common theme has surrounded the locus of leadership—whether it is innate or learned, with experts arguing persuasively on both sides of the nature/nurture debate. Management, on the other hand, is described in terms of discipline, organization, and tasks.

The field of public health certainly requires competencies in all of these areas. Whether considered leaders or managers, public health administrators and practitioners face many challenges in the 21st century. As more people travel and interact internationally, concerns over new forms of disease, bioterrorism, and natural and person-made disaster have escalated and are discussed more widely in the public through such avenues as social media. Public health administrators have never been more visible, and this transparency leads to heightened pressure to meet public and organizational expectations regarding leadership and management. Public administrators benefit from a full grasp of the nuances and overlaps between leadership and management.

(ANSWER QUESTION) Explain whether it is possible to be a great manager and a great leader at the same time. Why or why not? In your answer, compare specific examples of professional attributes, skills, and styles of leadership and management as they relate to the field of public health. Explain how they are similar and different.