Powerpoint due tomrrow night

Assignment: Technology:

A supermarket chain in California, recently introduced intelligent shopping carts, to better service their customers. Each cart has a wireless touch-screen mobile device with a laser scanner to enable price checking and then to scan product codes for purchase. The cart mobile device totals shopper spending and enables a quick checkout. But they have not determined what other benefits they should include or not. Some of the possibilities are: Being able to price check different brands, automatically e-mailing receipts to customers along with the special sales, allowing retailers to receive an e-mail alert upon purchase. Then retailers can e-mail the customer directly as a result of the purchase, aggregate shopping habits for advertisers and industry surveys for interested parties.

Research the Internet using the term, “Retail RFID Technology” and “retail technology.”


  • Discuss the pros and cons of these ideas and what you would recommend and why.
  • What are the benefits to the retailer/supermarket chain and what is of benefit to the consumer?
  • Provide support for your viewpoint based on three different website articles (not Wikipedia™).

Create a minimum of 10 PowerPoint slides that includes a title slide. If you use any quotes they must be very short (and no more than two) which should be cited and be included in your reference slide. Make sure to include any URL references in your reference slide as well. Use three or four bulleted points on a slide and then put any extensive notes in the notes section of the slide (see snap shot below).