Political Issue





Imagine that you are writing a reform bill for election campaigns.  What three items would you include, and why? If you do not believe that a bill is necessary, explain your position with three reasons that support your views.  Essay should be no less than two paragraphs.




In a debate between Jeff Madrick and Jim DeMint, the former would contend that regulations often make economies work better. For instance, they can make product/service information more open; they can reduce corruption, monopolistic pricing, and anti-competitive policies regarding research, innovation, and new products; they can temper financial speculation, which distorts the flow of capital toward inefficient uses and can often lead to costly corrections and serious recessions, as occurred yet again in 2008. Formulate a two paragraph response you think DeMint might give.






Assuming the position of either George Caram Steeh or Henry Hudson, formulate two paragraphs on the constitutionality of government mandated health care that you think would be the most persuasive message to share with others.