Philosophy homework (read the instructions first before you message me)

This assignment consists of 2 parts, you will need to use my bibliography, which I have attached to this post, as reference. It isrequired that you use the sources that arein my bibliography. It is extremely important that you read the instructions clearly. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me.


On a separate page, present the best argument from each opposing side of your topic. First, once you have understood each argument, figure-out each conclusion and paraphrase the basic premises (watch out for any implicit premises).Then, present the arguments in standard form (line-by-line) and in such a way as to separate the distinct premises that serve as reasons for the conclusion.

Identify and present the main conclusions of both arguments [10 pts.]

Identify and present the basic premises of both arguments [20 pts.]

Make sure to include any important implicit premises Present the reasoning to the main conclusion neatly in standard form and in such a way as to make manifest the relationship between premises and conclusions. [20 pts.]

The arguments will be inductive (the conclusion will follow from the premises with a certain level of probability) but it may take the form of a kind of sentential or categorical argument you’re familiar with. Consider, also, the use of any technical terms and make sure to define them in the arguments if relevant.

Part 2

In a 2-page essay (500+ words double spaced), evaluate the contentious topic and the arguments of the opposing sides. Consider the merits of each argument presented and decide which argument is stronger, using the argument evaluation skills learned in class (e.g., note cognitive biases or informal fallacies at play; note any issues with credibility or conflicts with your background knowledge; note the veracity of the evidence). The thesis of this essay should be your final decision regarding the topic of contention based on the evidence-at-hand.

The essay is 2+ pages (500+ words) [30 pts.]

Present a clear, explicit, easy-to-spot thesis expressing your informed decision on the topic based on the evidence-at-hand [10 pts.]

Your body paragraphs each present a clear and distinct reason from which you arrived at your decision (one reason per paragraph; use topic sentences) [30 pts.]

Briefly consider an objection to your argument, one an informed person might make [keep in mind the principles of charity and faithfulness (pp. 83-4)] [20 pts.]

Your conclusion is merely a recapitulation of your thesis and the reasons for your thesis (do not include any new information in favor of your thesis) [10 pts.]