One Excel File

One Excel File 

Advertising Report: Create an advertising versus sales report as given. Set the value format to show dollar signs but no cents

Sales:  1st  Qtr : $5,214         2nd Qtr: $6,807           3rd Qtr : $7,546          4th Qtr: $12, 264b  Total:

Advertising: 1st Qtr : $450   2nd Qtr : $500             3rd Qtr : $600             4th Qtr: 1,250 Total:

Advertising:  1st  Qtr             2nd Qtr             3rd Qtr             4th Qtr Total

As A % of:



In cells marked (a) through (d) create formulas that will calculate the percentage of sales represented by advertising and present the results with two decimals. In cells (e) and (f) create formulas to total sales and advertising.