Need two PowerPoint slides providing real world examples of directing and controlling in management

I have completed the bulk of the following assignment but I need two real world examples, one for directing and one for controlling in management, along with comprehensive speaker’s notes.  Please provide two PowerPoint slides, one for each example, and include the comprehensive speaker’s notes on the appropriate area of the slide where notes may be included.  Since I only need those two examples, I am willing to pay $25.


There are five essential principles of management. These include planning, organizing, directing, controlling, and leading. For this assignment you will:



You have been asked to give a presentation to a group of new managers in a health care setting. This presentation must cover each of the five principles discussed above. For each principle you will need to provide a real world example in which you or another leader has successfully performed the function and the impact that function had. You need to demonstrate in your presentation the value each principle has in the real word.




  • Your presentation should be in Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Be 10–12 slides in length (not including the cover slide or reference slide)
  • Include comprehensive speaker’s notes
  • Include appropriate graphics, images, and slide transitions