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this is esl course. you have to write a essay like student study in language center

Length: a minimum of two pages



Reflecting on the Reading, Writing, and Learning Process—Self-reflection is a vital part of the learning process. In this assignment, you are required to demonstrate your ability to reflect on your reading, writing, and learning process throughout the semester and apply the concept of metacognition (i.e., “thinking about thinking,” or critical awareness of one’s own learning process) to your own experiences.


Pointing directly to your experience of reading critically and writing multiple drafts of Essay Assignments #1, #2, and #3, write an essay in which you evaluate your own work and the progress you made as a reader and writer throughout the semester.


To write this essay successfully, you need to first decide on an overarching statement (i.e., your thesis) that includes the particular reading, writing skills and practices that you have developed most in this course. To derive your thesis, consider the following questions: What were my strengths and weaknesses in reading and writing? What have I learned? How has my reading and writing process evolved?


To prove your thesis, you may need to refer to our course readings, to your drafts and revisions, to the feedback from your peer and me (and/or tutors), to other assignments, and other relevant documents from the semester. Make sure, however, that you provide specific evidence from your own work and clear explanation of your own learning process.


In your conclusion, you need to include your goals for future improvement in reading and writing, and ways in which you achieve them.