Need a two page paper on the following

[1] The following link provides access to a two-semester college course designed around the eZ80 microprocessor from ZiLog Corporation:

Look at every page of the course so that you can write a detailed evaluation of the material. Keep the following questions in mind as you review the course:

  1. How useful is the information to the student?
  2. How useful is the information to an experienced designer?
  3. Do the embedded capabilities of the eZ80 seem useful?
  4. Does the eZ80 seem ‘powerful’ enough?
  5. What other applications do you think may be suitable for the eZ80?

[2] Now examine this additional website, which describes how the eZ80 is used in an embedded security system:

[3] Write and submit a two-page summary of your thoughts about the eZ80 and its applications.