Narrative Essay: Pit bulls 1000 words

Its a narrative essay on pit bulls

Here is the information i want put into the essay.


Thesis : “Discrimination against pit bulls is unfair, they are looked down upon for the wrong assumptions of others”


I have 2/3 of my main points to show this and they are


1.  Myths…some of the myths i want to incorporate are . Locking Jaws/Jaw Strength, Taste Blood, Unpredictability, and strength. You can find all the information backing up these myths on this website.


2. Media…The media puts more stories or mentions of pit bull attacks when in reality other breeds and more are attacking and not being publicized (CH 10)

Pit Bulls and the Media



My 3rd point i was thinking maybe something along the lines of how they are raised but im not sure. If you can think of something better that would be great. 


Attached is the grading rubric for this assignment and of course it needs to be plaigarism free and cited as well.


I am also attaching the outline i have come up with , so you can add that in as well.