motivational theory checklist

Motivational Theory Checklist

Your textbook references a number of names who have contributed to the concept of motivation theory, which in turn has helped the performance appraisal process. As a Human Resources Professional, you will want to understand these theories when you have to create performance measurement systems. use the Internet to conduct additional research on the theorists listed below. You must use other sources other than your textbook. Create a three column table in Microsoft Word. In the first column, create a heading called Theorist. In the second column create a heading called Motivation Contribution, and in the third column create a heading called Personal Application. In the first column list the following contributors:

R. DeCharms

E. L. Deci

Frederick Herzberg

Abraham H. Maslow

Henry A. Murray

Edward E. Lawler, III

Ernest J. McCormick

Lyman Porter

B.F. Skinner

F.W. Taylor

Kenneth S. Teel

Victor H. Vroom

In the second column describe their contribution to motivation theory. In the third column describe how their contributions to motivation can help you as a HR Professional.

Make sure to cite your references using APA format.