Module 09 Employment Portfolio Assignment – Employment Portfolio Due

I am attaching the first half that I didnt fully complete This module showed the value of company research. Now let’s put what you learned into action!

  1. Choose a company that you would like to work for either in the immediate future or down the road.
  2. Conduct research to gain some insight into what they have to offer. Your research must feature at least two quality sources of information about the company.
  3. You will need to speak with someone at the company you selected and ask them 5 questions of your choosing.
  4. Complete the Company Research Worksheet. <— I attached this not compelete needs to be completed.

Then following this is the othe assingment that goes with the above

In Module 04 you were introduced to the employment portfolio. Now you need to submit your finished assignment. Please refer to Module 04 for the specific details and examples.

Your employment Portfolio is not considered complete unless all the following elements are included:

  1. Table of Contents <— Needs to be done
  2. Resume, Cover Letter, References List <— I attaching all the word docs minus reference list First, produce a Reference page which includes the required information for three to five individuals who would be able to provide professional information regarding your skills, abilities, knowledge, and character. Examples range from past/current co-workers or supervisors, clergy members, classmates, teachers, and others who know about your work ethic.

    Next, add a second page to your document. On this second page, write a paragraph about why you chose each Reference. This portion is for the purpose of the assignment and should not be submitted to employers when applying for positions. Your assignment for this week will not be considered complete unless both pages are submitted.


  3. Personal Mission/Goal Statement <— Needs to be done
  4. 1 Letter of Recommendation<— Needs to be done
  5. Bulleted List of Facts Illustrating or Examples of your Best Accomplishments and Strengths<— Needs to be done
  6. 3 Selected Projects or Work Samples<— Needs to be done
  7. Reflective Essay<— Needs to be done