Module 04 Skills Assignment – Preparing a Budget

D132/CGS1240 Section 02 Computer Applications and Business Systems Concepts



You may ask yourself why do I need to learn Microsoft Excel. Many believe that Microsoft Excel is just for business purposes. That is not the case. Excel is perfect for personal use also. There are several ways that you can use Excel in your daily life. For example, you can use it to create a calendar/schedule, a list, an address book, calculations, and even a budget.

Using the skills you have learned this week you will create a budget like the one below.

Before attempting this exercise, be sure you go through the assigned readings and that you can perform the Excel techniques illustrated in the readings.

Download the following document to begin the assignment:


  1. Merge and Center a title with your name over the data columns in Row 1.
  2. Merge and Center a title with the current month over the data columns in Row 2.
  3. Update both titles to be a larger font size and a different font.
  4. In B16 create an equation using the sum function that totals the expenses for the month.
  5. In B17 create an equation using the average function to averages the month values (Be sure not to include row 16 in the average).
  6. Using the Sum and Average function calculate the sum and average of the income in cells B23 and B24.
  7. Create an equation in cell B26 that will provide the net income by calculating the difference between Total Income and Total Expenses.
  8. Format all numeric values to be currency type with two decimals.
  9. Update Net Income, cells A26:B26 to Total Format using the Cell Styles menu.
  10. Update the Page Layout Orientation to be Landscape.
  11. Create a Pie Chart using the expenses (A4:B15).
  12. Move your chart to its own worksheet.
  13. Add a chart title of your choice.