Memo or letter requesting permission to do research for your final report



Paraphrased Set of Instructions

Organizational Barrier

Upon starting at my job, all setup instructions needed in order to be equipped to perform the job was explained to me verbally. Well needless to say as time progressed and I begin to work independently I came to realize that we all were performing the same task differently. Policies in the workplace not only affect the work but it also affects the relationship between employees. Poor policies hinder the process of communication in the workplace. Paraphrased information may be altered to make it better understood but as the channel grows longer the meaning is lost.


Prepare a 500- to 750-word letter or memo to your proposal decision-maker(s) requesting permission to pursue research to develop your proposal idea. In your correspondence, provide your decision-maker(s) with justification for the research project. Include an outline of the benefits you believe the proposed idea will bring to the organization. Your document must make it clear you are contacting the decision-maker(s) to request permission to move forward with your research. You should also provide a time line and description of your resources for your decision maker.


Note: You use a letter format when the recipient is outside your organization. You use a memo format when the recipient is in the same organization as you are.


Your memo or letter must be persuasive. You must identify and justify the problem you are researching and for which you are making recommendations. You also want to show how these problems are lowering productivity or costing the company money. You need to include some of the parts you would include in your final report, e.g., your credentials. And you need to include at least five analytical annotated bibliographic entries to demonstrate that you understand how to do this type of reporting.


Grading Criteria:

  • meets assignment criteria, deadline, style, and format
  • no fewer than 500 words; no more than 750
  • correct choice of memo or letter format
  • describe the problem or project you want to work on and explain its significance
  • summarize research you are already aware of, citing its sources
  • tell where additional information may be obtained and how much you need
  • sufficiency and appropriate integration of information and research including Web sources
  • clarity of controlling idea and organization
  • uses headings and subheadings
  • communicates intent and content to audience
  • provides relevant facts and evidence, including a time line
  • recommends specific action in the closing
  • uses APA style correctly within the text as well as in references
  • describe the benefits of your research to your organization
  • show “you” attitude (but not use the “you” point of view)
  • maintain friendly, positive, confident, and professional diction and tone
  • use emphatic, concise, fluent sentences; sentences are effective and varied in structure
  • contains no mechanical errors


Model Outline for Assignment Three, Request to Conduct Research


I. Introduction – Request time to investigate the issue and briefly establish the need to do something about the issue.

II. (not necessarily in this order): Describe the problem or project you want to work on and explain its significance

III. Summarize research you are already aware of (citing the source)

IV. Tell where additional information may be obtained (and how much)

V. Describe the benefits of your research to your organization

VI. Conclusion – Summarize, provide time frame for reply