Marketing Communication

ypu are required to prepare a reort which analyses all marketing communication actitives about a selected brand or company with which you are familiar with.the information you prepared must derived from many sources. 


The following structure is suggested:


  1. outline the arketing strategy for your chosen brand, indicating the targeted market segements, and the chosen positioning strategy. Describe in some detail the chosen marketing mix to satisfy this segment, e.g product, pricing, distribution objectives and strategy etc
  2. specify the overall objectives of the marketing communication for the brand. have they changed over time?
  3. examine in detail each element of marketing communications activity for the brand. This should cover advertising, public relations, sales promotions, direct marketing, sponsorship etc
  4. Draw a conclusion based on your analysis and the relationship with the materials covered on the course.

Please do up a proper report including content page and appendix and references, executive summary. I need it to be 4500 words using times new roman font size 12 and single spacing.


Using harvard referencing method.


I need it by 22nd April (3pm – GMT+8)