Marketing 13


To assess your ability to:

  • Develop a media plan.


There are a large number of media types that you can make use of to market your bed & breakfast or small hotel. It is important to plan out which media you will use and when and to what degree you will use them. Many hotels and bed & breakfasts are advertised in print media including magazines; these are often specialty magazines such as Travel, National Geographic Traveler, or the in-house magazines produced by airlines. Some make use of broadcast media such as radio or television. Nearly all make some use of digital media, so consider carefully what might be the best digital medium for your business.

Action Items

  • Lay out this information in a one page brief.
    • Make sure to justify your choice of media types.
    • You will also need to discuss any particular scheduling of your marketing media. For example, are there particular times of the year during which it will be more important to advertise than others? If so, why? In the United States, the frequency and intensity of advertisements for televisions increases dramatically in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, as many American men want to watch this American football game on a large screen. Will such differences in marketing intensity by time of year be reflected in all of your chosen media, or only some?