Managerial Approach db4



Post an executive summary of your Comprehensive Project in the body of a post in this discussion (please do not use attachments). An Executive Summary is a one-page document that outlines the purpose, process, findings, discussion, and findings of a report submitted to management. CEOs often read and assess an Executive Summary before deciding to read the entire report, so this must be high quality narrative that demonstrates the significance of the work undertaken, the objectivity of research and analysis underpinning the report, and the credibility of the resulting conclusions.




Analyze marketing decision support systems and their impact upon marketing management systems.


Describe the key factors, such as demographic, economic, natural, technological, political, and cultural developments, that affect marketing strategies.


Assess the major influences in current consumer and organizational buying decisions.


Analyze the appropriate marketing strategies to apply at each stage of the product life cycle.


Construct a strategic marketing plan.