Lynn was approached on campus by a member of a religious commune, who invited her to spend a weekend at their mountain retreat.

1. Lynn was approached on campus by a member of a religious commune, who invited her to spend a weekend at their mountain retreat. Lynn accepted and joined six other “recruits” to attend the weekend retreat. When Lynn and the other recruits arrived at the retreat, each was assigned a mentor who stayed close to him or her throughout the entire weekend. The weekend consisted of a number of lectures and other exercises geared towards persuading the recruits to relinquish their material goods and join the spiritual community. The sessions went long into the evening and the recruits were exhausted at the end of each day. The food served was minimal, and never enough to satisfy their appetites. The recruits were becoming exhausted and weak from hunger. After the weekend ended, Lynn was pressured by her mentor to stay on for a few more days rather than return to the city. During the course of these last few days, Lynn agreed to join the commune and signed an agreement transferring to the commune “all of her earthly possessions.” After spending three weeks in the commune, Lynn was rescued by a friend and separated from the commune. After talking with her friend, she came to the conclusion that joining the commune was a mistake. She is now concerned that she has signed a written contract transferring al of her money and property to the commune. This is a substantial amount in light of her recent inheritance of $250,000.00 from her grandfather. She wants to know if there is any way that she can avoid her obligations under the contract she signed with the commune. Please advise her.

2. The drain in Karen’s kitchen sink became hopelessly clogged. She purchased from Sam’s Hardware, an industrial strength drain cleaner, “Blowout,” manufactured by Kelvin Chemical Company. The product was labeled, “Industrial strength, use with caution.” The drain cleaner was very effective in clearing out the drain. However, while Karen was holding the can, it started to emit smoke and became warm, due to a chemical reaction. She panicked, dropped the can, ran from her house, and called the fire department. Unfortunately, when Karen dropped the can, it spilled on her floor, starting a fire which caused $10,000 in damages to her house. Discuss what legal remedies Karen may have. Identify all possible defendants and assess the legal theories that may be brought against each.

3.The Minutemen Bar and Grill is a popular nightspot for students at the University. It has a reputation for not strictly monitoring the IDs, so underage drinking is quite common. Amy, a longtime waitress with the Minutemen Bar and Grill, almost never checks IDs. Tom, a freshman who was served by Amy, became intoxicated after consuming several mixed drinks. As he was driving back to the dorm, he struck another vehicle, causing serious injury to Cecilia. Please discuss whether Minuteman is liable for the injuries caused by Tom to Cecilia. Identify possible causes of action against Minuteman and any defenses that might be available.

4. Richard was an employee of Greenway Landscaping Co. While operating a riding mower, Richard rode over a gravel driveway, causing stones to fly out of the grass chute and break several windows on the the customer’s house. This was the third time in a month that Richard caused damage to a customer’s property by running over gravel with the mower. When the company owner, Duke learned of his latest accident, a heated discussion ensued and Duke fired Richard. Duke was so angry that he sent an email to all of the other landscape companies in the community stating that Richard is “the worst landscape employee he has ever seen” and that “anyone who hires him is asking to be sued.” Discuss whether Richard has any tort claims against Duke and whether Duke has any defenses to these claims.