kim woods

Examine the concept of exploration. What rights do people or nations have to explore other lands? What rights do they have to the property they discover? What are some assumptions explores might make about their journey or their rights? What problems could arise from the expectations? 5 sentences

There’s an old proverb: “Not to decide is to decide.” Do you have trouble making decisions, even though you have come up with reasonable alternatives? Why? What might you do to get past this barrier? 100 words

. Big decisions would be things like changing jobs, going back to school, getting married (or divorced), buying a home. How have you gone about making big decisions in the past? Would you like to change the way you make such decisions, and if so, how would you change? (Paul & Elder, 2012).100 words

Watch “Critical Thinking,” (5 min. 05 sec.) “Problem Solving,” (4 min. 24 sec.) and “Critical Thinking: Analyzing Problems and Decisions,” (29 min.) 

Consider the following questions as you watch the videos: 100 words

  • How do you approach a problem?  
  • How have these videos helped in your own decision making when approaching your own problems?

What actions can you take to ensure your own arguments and solutions do not contain fallacies? Discuss how believing certain fallacies can present disadvantages when making decisions or solving problems. 100 words