ITC 4175 Unit III Assignment

Unit III Assignment 


SQL Exercise 


In this exercise, you will be typing in SQL commands and executing them against the database that you installed in the 

Unit II Database exercise. Be sure that you have completed the Unit II Database exercise before attempting this SQL 

exercise. You should complete the following ‘Try It Out’ exercises from the Discovering SQL textbook. Be sure to re-read 

the sections preceding each of these, so that you understand what each exercise is accomplishing. Copy and paste your 

SQL statements and the results into a Word or text document. Or alternatively, you can create a screen capture of the 

SQL commands and the results window and paste those into the Word document. The text or Word document should 

contain all of the commands and results for all ten ‘Try It Out’ exercises. Be sure to label each section with the title or 

page number, so that your instructor can easily tell which one is which. 


After you have typed in each SQL statement or set of SQL statements and executed them successfully, copy your SQL 

code into a Word document. Then create a screen capture of the results window or copy and paste the results into the 

text or Word document as well. The text or Word document should contain the results of all ‘Try It Out’ exercises. Be sure 

to label each one with the title of the assignment, the page number in the textbook, and the number of the step you are 

performing, so that your instructor can easily tell which one is which. Pay attention to the formatting of your SQL 

statements and the labeling, as these items count in the final score as well. The SQL statements should be formatted as 

they appear in the book. 


 Try It Out: Parsing Text Using SQL Built-in Functions, page 115 

 Try It Out: Hunting for Leap Years, pages 120-121 

 Try It Out: Counting NULL(s) and Zeroes, pages 138-139 

 Try It Out: Constructing an AVG Function of Our Own, pages 142-143 

 Try It Out: Bringing it All Together, pages 152-153 

 Try It Out: Finding the Highest-Priced Book on the Shelf, pages 159-160 

 Try It Out: Using the Subquery in the GROUP BY…HAVING Clause, pages 162-163 

 Try It Out: INSERTing Records with a Subquery, pages 164-165 

 Try It Out: Extracting JOIN(ed) data from RDBMSs, page 178 

 Try It Out: Wrapping Complexity in a View, pages 197-198 


Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.