Is violence a reason to believe in God, or to not believe?

Essay Question 1: God and Violence

Is violence a reason to believe in God, or to not believe?  Several of our “views of God” sources mention violence as a reason to NOT believe in God, while in Don’t Shoot we read about people who turn to God because of the violence they experience in their neighborhoods.  Should the fact of violence move one towards or away from belief in God?  In answering this question make sure to define what you mean by God, make reference to the “views of God” readings and Don’t Shoot, and state your own experiences and thinking on this topic. Grading Deductions (100 points total just one page in length

-10 to -20 pts: Writing Problems (mistakes in grammar, spelling or tone that distract from the content of the paper)           

-10 to -20 pts: Structural Problems (thesis vague or purely informational, essay organization does not support thesis)

-5 to -20 pts: Source Problems (misrepresentation of source views, incomplete or unclear citation)

*Not citing one’s sources may constitute plagiarism and be grounds for rejecting the paper.