int’l business law class pre summary paper and research paper

Hey there looking to get my pre summary and research paper done. Pre summary will be on another assignment so please understand that you will have to do two assignments. both will be seperate charges. The presummary is to be completed by the 25th. Should be very simple. If you do not have any background in business please do not apply . Please read below. Writing in black is the actual research paper and the presummary paper is in blue.  You will have more time to complete the actual research but both should be cohesive





The research paper will be 6 to 8 pages long double spaced with a minimum of 5 references (exclude the text).  You should cite the references in the body of your paper with a bibliography.  You should choose a product or service produced in the U.S. and do research on how to export and sell it in a foreign country.  Please do not choose Canada or Mexico.  The 1st page will summarize the product and country to export to.  The last page is your conclusion as to how to overcome any obstacles.  The other pages should be your analysis that corresponds to topics in the text.  Please highlight those topics in your paper.  Do not use more that 20% of the paper for quotes.  This is due May 10th.


                A one page overview (summary) of the paper, with references, will be submitted at least two weeks prior to submission.  This is a summary of the whole paper, not just the first page and identifies the product/service and the foreign country.   This is due April 26th.  I will submit your paper to an online service that checks originality of it.  Please do not copy.


                Cheating and plagiarism are contrary to the purpose of any educational institution and must be dealt with most severely if students’ work is to have any validity.  An instructor who determines that a student has cheated on a test or assignment will at a minimum give a zero for that item and may give a failure for the course.  Normally the matter is dealt with by the instructor and the student, but the division chairperson may be consulted by either party to ensure fairness.

Please keep in mind that I am asking for you to apply the topics in the text to a product / service done in the U.S. for export.  Please do not consider products or services that are currently being exported.  The purpose of the paper is to see if you can apply the topics in the text to see if exporting to a foreign county is feasible for the product or service.  Consequently I am not looking for you to access a well known company that already exports as the information you find about that has already been done by their employees.  Look at this more that you are a consultant and a company has approached you to see if their product or service can be exported.  So you should do research and come up with an answer.  Please also keep in mind that I will use an online service to check for originality.  So no copying.  I am looking for your ideas, supported with at least 5 references, (not including the text).  In your analysis please highligth the topics in the text you are using.